\"Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life\" - Steve Jobs (Part 1)


Life is a precious and finite cosmic mysterious experience - and every passing moment draws us closer to the inevitable conclusion of our journey. In the grand scheme of the whole universe, our time on this planet is but a mere fraction. However, within this fleeting existence, many of us find ourselves trapped in a paradox – we waste our limited time living a life that does not align with our own desires. Take this last phrase seriously and do not discard it very quickly. This article delves into Steve Jobs' renowned quote: "Your time is limited - so don't waste it living someone else's life," and explores why it is essential to find and tune to you own rhythm, why is you should live your own life. Funny huh?

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The Pursuit of Authenticity

Throughout our lives, we are bombarded with external influences and the expectations of our family, peers and society so much that often this leads us away from our authentic selves. Whether it's the pressure to conform to traditional career paths, follow cultural norms, or meet the expectations of others, we sometimes find ourselves living a life that mirrors someone else's vision and wish.

The pursuit of authenticity is the antithesis to this predicament. It involves the courageous act of looking at our own face directly, realizing and embracing who you are, without the filters or masks society imposes upon you. It means defining your own path, values, and priorities, and having the confidence to unapologetically live by them.

The High Price of Conformity

The path of conformity can be desirable at first glance. It might bring you a sense of security, societal approval, and a feeling of fitting in. However, as time progresses, the cost of living someone else's life becomes obvious and clear.

Regret: Regret often comes when we compromise our dreams and desires to meet the expectations of others. The feeling of regret of not pursuing what truly matters to you can be a heavy burden to bear.

Unfulfillment: Living a life that isn't aligned with your true self can lead to a persistent feeling of emptiness. The sign is that you find yourself consistently searching for meaning and purpose.

Lost potential: Conforming to someone else's vision can stifle your creative potential and unique contributions to the world. You start losing you individuality when you don't express your true self (and so do others and the world).

Stress and anxiety: The chronic stress and anxiety that can result from living a life out of sync with your authentic self has a heavy cost on your physical, psychological and mental state.

Steve Jobs' Quote/Insight

Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple Inc. and one of the most influential entrepreneurs in recent history, had a profound insight into the value of authenticity. His advice to not waste time living someone else's life stems from his own experiences and challenges. He dropped out of college, pursued a path in technology and design that resonated with him, and ultimately revolutionized the tech industry. His story is a testament to the extraordinary achievements that can be realized when one embraces their authentic self and follows it.

Embracing Change

Living authentically often requires change. Change can be difficult, as it takes us out of our comfort zones and confronts us with uncertainty and our own weaknesses and blind spots. However, change and self transformation is an essential component of growth and self-mastery. It is a necessary step in the journey to live a life that truly belongs to you.

To be continued…

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